Industrial Finishing

Our paints are suitable for any structural type or purpose, from factory floors to exterior architecture.

  • Our paints and finishes will make a perfect protective coating for your plant or warehouse.
  • Our proprietary TCB Paint has been expertly formulated to resist the elements, chemicals and corrosion.


Automotive Refinishing

The chemical engineers at Tru Custom Blends, Inc. have spent years perfecting our proprietary TCB Tru-Tech Automotive Refinish.

  • Our TCB Tru-Tech Automotive Refinish will create a resilient, protective seal for your vehicle.
  • Our premier line of paints and coatings will have your vehicles looking brand new.


Truck Bedliners

Tru Custom Blends’ line of truck bed liner coatings will protect your truck bed from anything thrown its way.

  • Our line of bed liners will never fade, chip, or flake due to exposure to the elements.
  • Protect your truck from rain, sunlight and hail.
  • Our bed liner coatings will keep your truck bed looking new, even after years of use.

Rust Proofing

Our rust proofing formulas suit many different markets and industries to protect your structures from corrosion.

  • Our rust proofing products are suitable for many steel or iron structures including bridges, overpasses and signs.


Specialty Floor Coatings

Our specialty floor coatings will create a professional look for your shop floor or showroom.

  • Our floor coatings are comprised of two main components – resins and hardeners. When combined, they create a chemical reaction that forms an ultra-tough bond.
  • With an epoxy floor coating from Tru Custom Blends, you won’t need to worry about chemicals or oil ruining your shop floor.


Roof Coatings

TCB offers roof coatings to protect your facilities from the elements.

  • Our roof coatings are completely waterproof and create a seamless layer to protect from rain.
  • With a TCB roof coat, your facility will be better protected from the sun to keep indoor temperatures cool.
  • TCB roof coatings are engineered for flexibility, so you won’t experience any cracking or peeling.


Toll Blending

If you are unable to devote as much time and resources to manufacturing a custom formula as you would like,
provide us with the materials and process information and we can do it for you.

  • When choosing TCB for your mixing needs, you will free up time, add to capacity and save money.
  • We operate in complete confidentiality.