Over thirty years of experience in paints and coatings development.

Tru Custom Blends, Inc. is the premier supplier of paints and coatings for many environments. From industrial manufacturing to automotive, we will have what you are looking for.

About Us

Tru Custom Blends, Inc. is a provider of premier, expertly formulated paints and coatings. For over thirty years we have been providing many different industries with a vast array of products. Not only that, but we also handle special requests such as toll blending, oil/water/wax dispersions and liquid based reaction processes.

In 2012, we acquired B&B Paint Company, a paint manufacturer that was originally founded in 1930. Since then, we have continued to carry on their tradition of integrity and care while we perfect our manufacturing process.

Quality Assurance
The Chemical Coatings Division technical organization is committed to supplying quality products to our customers. Established technologies and product lines are maintained and improved upon. Our laboratories are focused on the development of eco-friendly solvent and waterborne technologies.

We provide formula batch tracking support to insure batch-to-batch product consistency. All of our product formulas have specification ranges within which products must be produced.

On Staff Chemical Engineer
Our on-staff chemical engineer has many years of experience when it comes to developing paints and other industrial chemicals. He has helped develop our manufacturing process and maintains our quality assurance guidelines.
Toll Blending and Custom Mixes
Our company has many years of experience when it comes to toll blending and custom mixing. If your company is in need of outsourcing your batch creation process, Tru Custom Blends can manage that so your business can focus on other responsibilities.

If you provide us with the formula and materials, we can fill any quantities that are necessary.

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